Thursday, February 01, 2018

Fast is back

And my foot is much much better. Worked on it a lot the other day and it must have adjusted because now I feel nothing in it,no ache or pain at all. Great but strange.Really getting into the top of the 4-5 metatarsals as well as being the shit out of my calf and arch made a difference.

Either way the foot felt normal and the ruck was strong

45 lb Ruck
6 laps
52 min
4th lap =7:41
6th lap = 7:30 !

decent;lungs and energy felt good but calves kept pumping up! weird too

BW 169.6
BF 13.
W 55.6

we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Haven't been constipated but I feel things haven't gone all the way through. Today went three time ( I know TMI ) and I feel lighter. I'll see tomorrow


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