Thursday, December 14, 2017

45 lb fast ruck

Good one today. Dropped ruck weight down to 45 lbs and it felt perfect.

A fast 6 laps with the last one at 7:29. A little faster than the other five but not by much

Focused on keep the same pace for every lap, pretty consistent. Decently cool weather never hurts

Boots much better breaking although right one is still a but stiff. But gait was better.
Have to start doing my 100 ups again in the morning. best hip flexor and gait mechanic training I've done, Need to get back to it and it only take a 2.5 minutes

45lb ruck
6 laps
last lap 7:29

BW 167.6
BF 13.4 ??
W 55.9 ??

day off tomorrow then the beast on Saturday. time to get back to the routine I know works


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