Wednesday, March 08, 2017

20 kg Speed Swings 12 min, 24 kg Snatch, walking lunges, parallel pushups,rear laterals

Seriously sore from a lot handstand work yesterday, walking INTO the mirror and playing on the TRX. Waay too many attempts and my FOREARMS of all things are cooked. Have to remember my own advice: 1) don't be greedy and 2) make haste slowly.

After all these years of being seriously confined to my workout for my swing goal I have to be very very carreful about introducing too many new moves into the schedule. Especially too fast.
Already guilty of that but I am backing off as we speak.

In fact I probably will stay with the barbell press instead of adding the kb as the bar just works so well. My fear about the handstand is about my lower back, not my shoulders. That serious lumbar curve I've developed is, I realized , in result of my attempts to fix my old back injury. And it did, indeed fix my back.

I was flat back and flexion dominant and I worked HARD to develop a decent lumbar curve which I now have and is reflexive. That rib down, hollow position ( where I lived for most of my life) is not good for my discs and one thing I never want to re experience again is low back injury and the accompanying pain! Not for ANY move or lift

But I think the snatch is probably good to go so I will play mostly with that and the kb press occasionally

Sore overall from Monday too so I went light today

Speed swings
20kg x 12 min
240 reps
10,560 lbs

this felt like the perfect weight and time for breaking back in

KB snatch
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 5/5 x 2
24 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 5/5
16 kg x 5/5

best overhead position  I've had in ages. Probably as good as the best I've done before my shoulders went nuts after my TKR
And plenty to work from too, this is just the start.
very pleased with my overhead mobility progress!

Walking lunges
3 laps of 40 steps

felt like I've never done these before! legs tight and sore from the kb squats ( which I am also not adding in. Going to switch out belt squats with Goblet squats done flat footed AS a squat mobility move

Parallel bar pushups
3 sets of 25
feel solid

Rear laterals
3 x 15 with 15s

4 am BW 168.4!!!!!
         BF 12.9
         W 56.3 !!!!??
1 pm after morning fasting and just green tea and one handful almonds

BW 166.4
BF 10.0
W 57.8

ok this is crazy! no creatine since Friday AND eating super clean all week, and lightly.

ruck up tomorrow, haven't done this in a week + should be interesting


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