Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Ruck. Start slow, finish fast.

Well this was a very different walk than last week. Traded my pack full of books for a 20 lb bag of kitty litter and some weight plates and Glenn showed me a much better way to pack the ruck for better leverage on my back.
the litter bag hugged the back contours much more and the pack didn't hang down so low under my waist. While it's a tough durable bag, it probably is a bit large for me,especially with my short spine. Anyway it's supposed to be hard, supposed to be  load to carry not the most advantageous way to carry something and not feel it on the body at all so it will do.

All bodyparts behaving and my shoulder strengthening work is making a very big difference it seems. Lats are actually calmed down for a change,even after yesterday's big ass workout. Tomorrow I will do some bar presses and see how that goes. As well as some light straight arm front raises with a bar as well.

But today was grand.
Started slow at 8;45' and stayed there for the next two laps. Four and five were at 8:20's and the pace was easy. The squats in between felt good as well. Humid today so sweating a lot,early. Hydrated well yesterday.
Six seven and eight were around 8:15 working into 8:10 and the nine ten and eleven were solid 8:10s Energy was good and no hint of bonking.
Eleven was just over 8:00 and twelve was a PR with 7:55. Best with this weight for sure and tied the speed with 35  and 37 lb.

Even the short walk home was solid instead of  death march.
More rolling and overhead holds to do.



Kathrin Frankfurter said...

Rif, i always look forward to your sunday ruck. Me, i am a runner but finding more and more fun in speed walking. Especially for my built, 6feet2inches and 196 lbs it seems better for me. I recover faster from a long session of walking than from a long run. Whats your opinion in walking? Does it suit strength training better?

Mark Reifkind said...


thank you. I have always loved walking. When I was an ultra runner I always interspersed walking breaks into my run ( on the advice of Tom Osler ultra runner extraordinaire) and it was great.
I literally could go all day.

Then, when I could no longer walk because of my knee I TRULY got to appreciate how vital this basic primal pattern is.

Humans are the best walkers in the animal kingdom.Nothing can out walk us.
As runners we suck- everything can out run us.
We were literally born to walk
Now running is great, especially REAL running ( not jogging) but long distance shuffling takes off tons of muscle and creates all kinds of issues with impact

Now if I could run safely I would but faster, in smaller distance but ruck walking and walking in general I think are much better for overall better health and fit in much better with strength training