Monday, September 15, 2014

Standing barbell press, pushups, belt squats , triceps rear delts, hip sled

Had a full one hour stretchout this morning; what a luxury. I feel SO much better after this am recharge. Usually I get part of it but when I can get a full 30 minutes on upper and lower body together it's heaven.

Spent a lot of time for upper body with over head stick work- mainly lockouts against a rack and then retractions and hold for 10-15 seconds. These feel great and I can really feel just how week those lower trap and scap rotators are. This is definitely going to help.

Then back against a wall and straight arm strict front raise and holds. It's about teaching my retarded scapulae to do their damn jobs!
WAAAY too many years of scapula restriction for power benching, I think it really messed my shoulder mechanics up badly.
But it's never too late. I have a good feeling about this work

Barbell press
15 lbs x 5 x 2
25 lb x 5 x 3
35 lbs x 5 x 2
45 lbs x 3 x 3

Tried to be very strict and really hold the lockouts. Didn't want to do too much, never know what tomorrow brings until it's too late :) these felt VERY good and natural, Never really trained these standing, ever really. SO it's different than the little bit of seated pressing I have done in the past but I could really feel how getting my grip wider and having to move the bar ONLY in a straight line made it EASIER for me to press and get a better overhead lockout.

Once this develops the next thing will be seeing how it translate backwards to kb pressing.

Floor Pushups
5 sets of 10

easy strong

Belt squat
44 kg x  20 x 4 sets

toasty quads! really paused AT THE TOP and flexed the quads. This made up for the restricted ROM in the bottom. Ouch.

DB Kickbacks
20lbs x 12 x 4

Blue rear delts
4 sets of 12

Hip sled
95lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps


Amazing that after saturday's Beast swings and yesterday's two hour ruck my legs didn't feel a thing this morning or today.! That's what I'm talking about! Just another day at the office.
Work capacity and strength endurance are the true goals for me

never quit

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