Sunday, September 07, 2014

40 lb Ruck Walk. Weight goal achieved.

 Wrapped a 2.5 lb plate in a tshirt and added it to the ruck to hit a solid 40.2 pounds and off I went. Long day yesterday and didn't expect to feel real good but two weeks of solid walks with the last weight and I figured if I went slower or just got 10 laps that would be fine.

Hitting the goal weight was the most important thing but it was a very weird walk

Hit the first two laps faster than usual 8:35 instead of 8:45 and they were easy. Third and fourth were faster still, 8:20 and then into 8:15's! Legs were moving and the weight didn't feel that heavy.Fifth six and seventh were the same with an 8:10 on the seventh. I thought twelve laps for sure and all pr's.

And the then I crashed and burned ,lol
Eight lap  was just tough, nothing hurt I just bonked.
All of sudden getting to ten was fine. I slowed down on nine to 8:25  and turned on the running cadence to pull me through.
It helped.
Ten was faster and easier but still hard and I pushed myself to do eleven and it was 8:30.
I was done.

The five minute walk home was slow,lol
I sweated off two pounds on the walk
start was 161 and finished at 159!
Decided to get down to 155 lbs, I think that's a better weight for me. Low of 155 and high of 157. Don't need to be 162 working to 165 but all this squatting is making me grow. Time to cut back the carbs,especially the bread .Wine has all the carbs I need. :)

Of course eleven sets of isometric pole squats after each lap

1 hour and 55 minutes total.

Happy that's over but I also think the short 40 minutes walks I took this week with no pack helped my speed to, Going to keep including them as I can

datsit. lots of pushups tomorrow


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