Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday ruck : deloading/ light and fast.

Continuing with the de loading pre travel plans I dropped the ruck weight to 20 lbs and set off for a shortened version of the walk. Last thing I want is to get on the plane for 20 hours of travel tweaked in any way at all.

I came through yesterday's easy workout no problem, with no stiffness or soreness at all. Good start. I thought I would be a big faster with the lighter pack but I really didn't think I would be this much faster

laps 1 and 2 8;20
laps 2 and 3 8:10's
laps 4 and 5  right around 8 min flat
laps 6, and 7  7:50- 7:55
lap 8 7:40 ! Pr
lap 9 cruised it in, didn't time, wanted to finish feeling easy

total walk time one hour 35 minutes

yes, 9 squat holds very deep.

SO much easier with the light pack, almost felt like I was carrying nothing. This is a good metric to have. I had no real idea how much the extra weight slowed me down. Good info to have.

One more light workout tomorrow and then wheels up for Croatia


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