Saturday, September 13, 2014

48 kg One ArmSwings, H2H,Clubbell arm casts, crawling

Wow it's been quite awhile since I did one arm swings with the Beast. May 24th to be exact; 3 months and a little bit! Didn't seem that long but there it is. I've done a few 40 kg and a  44 kg swing workout since then but not the 48. No wonder it seemed hard. But not that bad, really.

Change of focus for the overhead mobility. Use of a stick and light barbell in a bi lateral pattern as well as all the stretching. David Weinstock of NKT fame worked on a client of mine with very tight hip flexors and showed me that even though a muscle is tight and short it still can be weak and need be strengthened as well as stretched.

Since the barbell ( or in my case, a stick) forces one to move around the bar ( as opposed to the kb which will move around the body more easily) it might force me into a symmetrical position  in my stretches and activate the muscles more symmetrically a press or front raise pattern.

Plus it lets me put my arms out wider where it is much more conducive to my current overhead ROM than the kb which is close to the head ( or needs to be).

I'm sliding the stick up the powerrack ( like a makeshift smith machine) and getting a great overhead stretch BUT THEN taking the stick off the rack and holding it to strengthen that position.

A PT at the studio told me he always makes the client contract the muscle after a passive stretch so that they begin to 'own' the new, increased ROM. Makes sense plus, at this point, any port in a storm.
Seems to be working fairly well for these last 3 days. takes  a few reps to wake up the muscles but then they do pretty well.

Going to do some standing barbell military presses on mondays, along with the pushups and see how that goes. I have a 15 lb bar to start with :) but it's a start and perhaps will help.

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5/5 x 3
20 kg x 5/5/5
24 kg x 5/5/5
28 kg x 5/5
32 kg x 5/5
40 kg x 5/5
48 kg x 5/5 x 10 sets
100 reps
10,600 lbs the magic volume :)

H2 H transfers
24 kg x 20, 25, 30 reps

these were good . refreshing actually,lol. When the one arm weight is light I should do heavier transfers and vice versa

Two Hand Clubbell arm cast
25 lbs x 8
           x 9
           x 10

these went better than last week. love that I can do this again.

3 laps of 60 feet
easiest ever so far :)

great workout. gotta make sure to super hydrate AND get on the floor to get ready for tomorrow ruck. NO bonking!


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