Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sunday Ruck pr

After yesterdays big one arm swing test I was a bit worried about how my back and legs would feel today. I shouldn't have been. Today was great! Not only did I up the weight a kilo ( 26.4 lbs) but I finished the ten laps in 3 minutes less time, 1 hour 40 minutes on the nose. Nice. Tracy came with me for the first hour and  that was excellent. Legs felt strong and loose and the pack light. Not like the Bataan Death march that was last week :)

The fact that my shoulder was in place, and has been for the last week made a huge difference too. The video above is a demo on the mobilization I've been doing that has helped so much. A few people requested it so here it is.

The key thing for me is getting the arms behind me and holding the stretch until the tight pecs and biceps release.This seems to place the head of the humerus in the right place in the socket and it makes life so much nicer :)

The weather was perfect too; 54 degrees overcast with a light drizzle. Cool and warm at the same time :)

ok, that's it. More Birthday pie to eat :)


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