Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday ruck: if you can't go fast, go long.

So I did, even just a little. For some reason  I woke up pretty damn stiff and sore today and the walk started off pretty slow. and stayed that way :) I didn't sleep all that well and slept in a bit more than usual to make up for it and didn't stretch out before the walk.
Not sure it would have made a difference. the legs felt heavy and even though the pack didn't feel heavy it I was about 20 seconds slower per lap than last week.

So I just settled in and just focused on gait mechanics, breathing and made sure interesting discoveries about foot strike position for me as well as posture. Another reason I like walking laps is that there is nothing to do but focus on the body and the movement, not distracted by new interesting scenery.

As much as possible I choose to 'associate' rather than 'disassociate' when doing endurance work, makes it much easier to figure things out as they occur rather than later.Or never.But the extra running in place, recumbent work and static squat work I did on friday, along with the heavy swings yesterday took their toll and I just settled in for the slog

So it was a good time to add another half lap into the mix and another five minutes to the walk. Not much but it does add up

10.5 laps
1 hour 52 minutes
30 lb ruck

now I have some serious stretching to do,as well as a very hot bath.


Diana said...

Nice job on your hiking Mark! I agree about the track're kind of forced to deal with the body and it's mechanics as you go along!

Mark Reifkind said...

makes it that much easier to look at it as training and not just going for a walk, too.