Wednesday, March 26, 2014

20 kg snatch,pullups, lunges and crawls

Wow. didn't expect to feel this good today. slept weirdly ( in two hour, deep bursts,then awake then back to deep sleep, about four time :) and Monday was tough. But the shoulders been holding together very well and my recovery seems better all the time.

Lots of stretchout time as well and that always helps. Spend most of the workday today in squat position or standing, hardly any sitting on ball and it was strong too. Rest squat keeps getting better as well.

Taught a student how to jump rope today which included a lot of demo for walking and running in place and even some jumping and it was no problem. have to go VERY slowly here and be very careful but it was so weird to be doing that again. Cool, too.

The bell felt light, wind felt easy, groove felt solid and my shoulders did not feel like coming out of the sockets and I could really apply myself. Mind set was solid as well.

16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 10/10 x 7 sets
140 reps
6160 lbs

this was as good as it's been for me in hesitation. no fear. it was grand.

Pullups with purple band
4 sets of 6,5,5,5

opened my grip up a little wider than shoulder width on the second set and what a difference! MUCH easier and less restriction in the right shoulder.and less work on the elbow flexors too. Keeper. Could have done sets of 8-10 no problem> Overgrip thumbless is back too

Rear step lunges
4 sets of 10/10 foot on 35 lb plate.bodyweight

as the PT from Revolutions showed me this was great. doing them off the step was perfect and in front of the mirror to maintain alignment. will weight them after 5 sets of 15 each

3 passes of 60 feet
1 pass of 100 feet

even these felt strong. good day today. Going to teach my first ever SFG kettlebell course in Modesto this weekend so will skip Saturday's training in lieu of 9 hours of teaching and demo'ing. No worries. Will ruck on sunday though


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