Monday, March 17, 2014

30 kg stacked press, 32 kg belt squats and sled pull

this went well and although the video above was in May 2013 the attempts today went about the same.I tried, and missed , double 16's( 32 kg) but it felt strong. I think the extra sized handles of both bells made a difference( harder). It definitely helped me establish a good press groove and this time it didn't jack up my forearms like it did the last time I tried them.

Interestingly, the groove required much less rotation than my normal press and the start position was  more  vertical forearm and less 'lay across the chest, then turn into it " and press than I thought. but it showed me a good groove.

Lots of misses and retakes than were made. all in all a very good session. Will do it again next week. and perhaps actually train some bottoms up presses soon as well

Stacked press
10+8( 18) x 3/3
10+10 ( 20 kg) x 2/2
12+12( 24 kg ) x 2/2
14+12 ( 26 kg) x 1/1  missed first one left, I think, remade it on second
14+14( 28 kg) x 1/1 miss right. made on second
14+14 x 1/1 miss made right first this time and then 2 attempts for  second
16+14( 30 kg ) x miss left, made right
                       x made left miss right, then make it  :)
                       x 1/1
32 kg x miss/ miss

actually surprised I missed the 32 kg but I think the added thickness of the handle size just threw me off enough.Have to press like a GS or bottoms up press as well. can't go "out" at all. this was a great learning session

belt squats ( tug of war style)
32 kg x 10 x 4 sets

best ever! really focused on  shifting the weight to the toes instead of the heels  as I broke parallel and it made all the difference ( thanks Geoff Neupert!) Also turned my toes out 5-7 degrees and than made the shift to the ball of the foot much more natural. great quad work too

Sled pull
92 lbs x 250 ft x 4 laps

strong! much better than crawls for this day.

forgot to do pullups though! DOH!

but had a SOLID hour stretchout this morning, really concentrating on upper body but getting plenty of  quad and hip flexor stretching in as well. started using starretts' couch stretch series for the hip flexor/quads and it worked great

get pullups in on Wednesday. recovered great from this weekend


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