Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sunday Ruck

One of my goals in training is to be able to do more work than I have before and feel nothing from it the next day. Well, that's what happened yesterday and today and it's great! Big PR workout yesterday; hard one too; and woke up feeling like I didn't do anything heavy or hard at all!

In fact, nothing was achy or tight or jacked up at all! Can't remember when that happened last  but I like it to continue.

Loaded up the pack to 8 kg and went into the cold,lol. Well cold for us :)
Maintaining the same pace, about 7.5-8 minutes per lap and did 7 laps plus then added another10 minutes to the get home loop for a whopping one hour and 25 minutes of weighted walking! Not bad at all if I say so myself.

After the fourth lap I started doing squat stretches at the end of each next lap and man, with my legs tired and the backpack on I got deeper than I expected pretty quickly. The stretch reflex just seemed to give out and let me drop down. Awesome. Plus the stretch really loosened up my legs for the next lap.

Had ideas to go a little further but my ankles started to get tired so I didn't push it anymore.I can remember VERY CLEARLY, how trying to walk from my house to the park, a grand total of two full blocks would kill me before. Now it's not even a beginning of a warmup. Unbelievably great stuff this new knee thingy.

Four sets of 30 seconds hang from the pullup bar afterwards and now it's time to roll out and stretchout. Have a bunch of 22 kg snatches to do tomorrow AND I have my Dr's appointment on Tuesday and I really hope I am at more than 110 degrees flexion. I think I do but I'm not sure. we'll see.



Diana said...

So awesome how your recovery has gone! Your 1-arm beast swings looked like a piece of cake yesterday!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana. Next year I will snowshoe with you guys. Glad the swings looked strong they scared the shit out of me :)

Diana said...

I'm gonna hold you to that!
Perhaps we can all ruck snowshoe by then!

Mark Reifkind said...

now we're talking. I like the sound of that: ruck snowshoeing!
And you can hold me to that no problem !