Saturday, January 25, 2014

Five minute Swing test with 32 kg

Inspired by the fact that I did not die doing the 16 kg snatch test a few weeks ago I thought instead of trying that with the 20 kg for my birthday challenge next month I would do the swing test from Pavel's new book Simple and Sinister .
The "Simple" version is 32 kg for 100 reps and the "Sinister" one done with the 48 kg. I wasn't sure I could do it with the 32 kg but I thought I should try today as that would leave me 5 weeks to go for the birthday challenge. I know I couldn't make it with the 48 but perhaps the 40 kg might go.

So with Glenn and Nick out of town that just let me and Joe and when I told him of my plans he said he would join in. Excellent. Misery does indeed love company. :)

I got pretty nervous about this though, last night after I committed to it with Joe. Things are going so well I definitely did not want to tweak anything. Not even a hamstring. I thought about cancelling it but then realized if I only got 80 that would be fine as well. Just a test to establish a baseline. Shouldn't be a problem and it wasn't.

At first I thought I would do 5 sets of 10/10 as last week I managed that easily for 160 total reps in my regular workout but then I realized that doing 10 sets of 5/5 would be smarter. I would be easier on my grip, on my lungs and on my back.

AND it would allow me to focus on doing the short work bouts in true Hardstyle instead of just holding on and trying deal with grip and wind issues as the time clicked by. Once I settled in on that strategy I relaxed. I knew I could do easy sets of 5/5 even with short breaks.

So, game on :)

Easy warmup this morning; adrenaline gets the muscle loosey and juicy faster than anything.Just had to maintain and not get too psyched too early. That gets the heartrate up fast and I certainly did not need that for this test. Calm and focused it was

One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5 x 3
20 kg x 5/5
24 kg x 5/5
28 kg x 3/3
32 kg x 3/3

32 kg x 5/5 x 10 sets in 4:37.

Not bad at all. AND I didn't heave  :)  Must be getting in shape. Having two legs to do cardio really helps too.
This is a great way to test the Spirit. Hard but safe.
Love it.

Two Hand swing
32 kg x 5 x 2
36 kg x 5 x 2
40 kg x 5 x 2
44 kg x 5
48 kg x 5
52 kg x 5 x 2

this was the perfect move and sets/ reps for after all those fast reps. Re prime the strength!

Forward Crawls
4  rounds of 50 feet.

Love these. always make me work. Just like the swing. Swings and crawls- MY program minimum. Nothing builds work capacity faster or more safely than these two movements. And for my money, work capacity RULES as functional training for real life.

Rope triceps extensions/ Hangs
4 x 15-10 / 15 -20 seconds

these worked great. Ever since switching to sleeping the other side of the bed and letting my right arm and shoulder lay flat all night my shoulder feels 100% better. That was a simple fix. my favorite thing: simple fixes that actually work and last.

datsit. Long ruck in the morning. can't wait



Morgan L. said...

Anyone who says that workout isn't sinister is a f#? @ing idiot!

Mark Reifkind said...

lol I know what you mean but there's still a way to go :) Just a start, a baseline.

Joseph Sarti said...

I felt just like I did prior to any game or sporting event, nervous. shucks I did not want to fail and that made me go through all kinds of head games with myself. I am glad we stepped up and finished the task. And yes it was the first time so a baseline would have been fine, but f&@k I did not want to fail and I too was worried about tightening up in the middle and then grinding through.

Lucky, all our training is preparing us for days like these :)

Great day across the board and so well said! Cannot wait till March 1st

Daniel Roth said...