Wednesday, January 15, 2014

1/2 getups. 16 kg snatch test and crawling

Day five of daily crawling and shoulders feel very good. Of course I haven't pressed lately but that's ok. I've been crawling with at least two clients per workday and it feels right.
Started out with getups today and actually worked up to the bridge on the last few sets. this is really coming along although the elbow lever cue only worked so well.
The best reps came when I stopped thinking and just made the movement by feel.My rolling patterns are getting better and that's helping this as well I think some "get downs' are in my future as well

1/4 getups
bodyweight x 3 x 2
8 kg x 3/3
10 kg x 3/3
12 kg x 3/3
14 kg x 3/3
16 kg x 3/3 x 2
1/2 getup to bridge( semi hi bridge with a pause)
16 kg x 2/2 x 2

first one's I've done on my right side in years! lol

this is definitely a practice session but it feel surprisingly good on everything. what a difference squaring my lower body up has made!

Snatch test
 I had this in my head for today and decided to go for it. I set of 2/2  for a warmup and then just went for it. It's only 16 kg for G-d's sake :) I had Glenn tape the set but I didn't actually think I'd make 100 reps. Very surprised.
Went through 60 reps then parked it. Another 20 and parked it again. Not that bad. Definitely can do this with the 20 kg

And I know the first 30 + reps overhead position are even worse than usual but I was not caring about that all as I didn't know I'd survive the five minutes,lol. It took me 60 reps to warmup and then the overhead position actually got better. Just like the heavier bells get my arm back further than the light bells and early sets.

I also used anatomical breathing for the first time ( lets see if my back holds up tomorrow) during the last 30 reps or so and did NOT use power breathing at all at the start of the set. Just a single breath at the top but very relaxed and casual. Did not want to over elevate my HR early and the light weight didn't require it anyway.

16 kg
10/10 = 100 reps

this gave me a lot of confidence. probably do it again next week then go to the 18 kg the week after. And work on my overhead position in the early reps. Very impressed with my cardio conditioning, actually given what I've been doing nothing over 10 reps/set :)

4 rounds of
40-50 feet forward/ 20 feet backward.

day five.

cable curls
4 x 10,8,8,8
Rope extensions
4 x 12- 15
YES, this is the perfect tricep exercise for me now.Gets the long head directly AND puts my shoulder into a great stretch. Love it.


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