Wednesday, January 22, 2014

24 kg clean and press, first ever goblet squat and sled drag

 A very good day. Goes to show you that you don't have to sleep well to train well :) I didn't sleep that badly, just woke up way too many times. But after two cups of Philz coffee I was good to go. Warm day today so I skipped the passive bath warmup and got to work. Wasn't going to press but my shoulder was feeling great and I wanted to see if my old technique in long cycle would work. It's definitely not a "strict" press by any means but if I can use a slight chest heave to bypass the first part of the delt and not get pain I'll do it!

Swing warmup
16 kg x 5/5/5 x 3

Long cycle clean and press
16 kg x 5/5 x 2
20 kg x 3/3 x 2
24 kg x 3/3
         x 4/4
         x 5/5
         x 3/3 x 3
42 total reps and they actually felt good :) we'll see tomorrow. I changed the side of the bed I sleep on which now allows my right arm and shoulder to lay totally flat all night. I think this might be a game changer for the shoulder .

Goblet squats
16 kg x 2 x 2
20 kg x 2 x 2

these felt GREAT! Since I spend so much time basically doing goblet squats all day at work while I coach my clients I thought this might go well and it did! Much better than expected and the video above is the first set. Each set after got better with the 20 kg ones the best. This is giving me mucho confidence that my goal of a true ass to grass squat can be accomplished.

Sled drags
80 lbs x 250 feet x 4 laps

haven't done these in a few weeks and I could tell. Good solid leg work/

datsit. and easy day :)

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