Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Ruck, Crawls and Hangs

Pr day. Added two lbs to the ruck making it an even twenty pounds and bumped the walk up by one lap getting it two eight. Total time walking was one hour twenty five minutes. Not slower given the extra weight; each lap was between seven and eight minutes long.

Felt very strong and hit the road with no stretching or warmup. Much warmer today and didn't need hat, gloves or vest.

First four laps were continuous and then at the completion of the each of the next four I added in squat stretches for 1-2 minutes. Wanted the legs to get a bit fatigued before I stretched them as that helps kill the stretch reflex and get me deeper faster. Worked well.

After the walk I alternated hanging for 15 seconds with backwards crawls for 30 feet then reversing it for the same distance with forward crawls. Very tired but the crawling seemed to loosen things up. Shoulder (r) was tight going to sleep but opened up nicely this morning and even more so on the walk.

Four laps of crawling and four sets of hangs.

datsit. 24 kg snatches tomorrow. got to get ready :)

The Croatian Stair Challenge Part 2. I will be ready

ps oh yea, it's so weird as I forget that I have an artificial knee joint ,lol. I love my new knee, it works like a champ!

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