Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday walk and crawl

Late start this morning after doing an 1.5 hour interview with Ram in India for his new Soul of Strength gym. It was great fun but it got me started very late

Solid 60 minute walk around the park with some extra mileage thrown in. Average speed was 2.7 mph and I did not break to stretchout the squats at all this time. Just steady state walking.

Then 100 feet of crawl/squat crawl. Basically I would crawl as far as I could and when I got tired I would rest in the squat position ( actually frog- hands on ground). Then, back into the crawl again.

Then I did it in reverse ( way more rests, this was tough) for another 100 feet. Shoulders held up fine which was great and got some excellent upper body work in as well as legs and hips. and lungs :)

I think adding in a pushup rest position would be excellent as well. So it would be crawl/ squat/ crawl/pushup etc. I like this :)


Kettlebell Courage Corner said...

Mark, my mind is blown that you are just 3 or so months past having a total knee replacement. Your strength prior to the surgery is clearly a huge factor in your quick recovery, plus your knowledge of your body and training methods that are effective for you (which is the key - not everybody else, but for YOU)

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks so much for the props man, greatly appreciated :)

My strength before the surgery was a factor I agree but it was more my strength of mind than anything that was- IS - the key.

And as much a knowledge of my body as a curiosity about it, and imagination about it. That's the real emphasis. being creative and not being afraid to fail.

that's where you learn :)