Tuesday, November 05, 2013

" A back of Iron and Legs that never quit" Pt One

( if she could do it, I could do it. Part of the 800 stair trip up and down I took in Rijecka, Croatia)

That's been my training goal ever since I read those words in Pavel's original Russian Kettlebell Challenge book.Most of the time in the last ten years I didn't think it was really possible but never gave up hope.

When I finally had to have my knee replaced I hoped it would facilitate that state of being but wasn't sure either. Going to both Croatia and Italy just nine weeks after that operation and walking climbing and moving more than I have in many many years let me know that not only is it possible but I am well on the way towards that goal.

The trip started out really well as I got to and through the airport which is a freakin' PR for me. I used to be dying by the time we got to the gate. Not this time. Walking fast through the airport unencumbered by pain was almost sublime. But it was the first of many sublime moments on this trip.

The flight over was easy. going through Amsterdam airport required almost as much walking as Frankfurt but again. no problem. Walking felt good, loose, easy. What a pleasure.And without the pain the stress wasn't there at all. No 'wondering how I could make it through the trip if I couldn't get through an airport'.

So wonderful not be limping, be standing out. Just being able to walk like a normal person.
Made it to Venice where our first view was amazing.

the view of pizza in Fabio's hometown of Vincenza was amazing too.
A four hour trip to Croatia the next day and while it was a beautiful city Kastav is nothing but HILLS AND STAIRS! Crazy amount of hills and stairs! I never could have made it without the knee replacement. No way. We had to walk up a slight hill to get to the first set of stairs to go DOWN to the stairs to go to the apartment which was UP stairs!

And everywhere in the town was stairs and hills and stairs and NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER!!!!  Totally crazy as even on the last day before we left I was having to practice going down stairs. Now the stairs downward pattern still isn't perfect but I got it done. And up stairs was easy and strong/

The cert site was a mere 10 minutes walk away from the apartments but it was ALL STAIRS! 200 each direction. I thought about it but let fabio drive me the in the first morning. The candidates walked it from their site and then rewalked it to get lunch and then AGAIN to get home!
So at the end of the first day I walked them back to the apartment. again, no problem, after all that travel and a nice 12 hour day teaching and demo'ing
We had an incredible cert! the candidates were so well prepared, totally tough and had incredible spirit and passion!

PLUS fanny packs are still cool in Croatia!

Our view from our apartment in Kastav
My first walk up the 202 stairs from the cert site to our apartment

Once the cert was over we had the day off so we actually took an hour long hike on the eco trail right behind our place. Man I love having things so close and all in one place. Plus this city was built in the 13th century and is crazy  interesting from an historical perspective. So much stone and rock and basic construction that has stood the test of time. Love that stuff

And the knee was perfect. No pain and my walking was strong and steady. It seemed that the more I walked the looser the knee got and the more ROM it got. plus my body craved it.Walking felt better than anything else, standing, sitting or lying. Motion is lotion.

Tuesday Sasa graciously took us to Rijecka

Played with some creature at the top of Trsat castle ( LOTS of stairs, lol )

Sasa and I and the Lion of Italy, of all things. :)
Tracy at the castle
In down town Rijecka

Ok I'm tired, jet lag is kicking in. Part two tomorrow.

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Jonathan88395 said...

Awesome trip and what a fantastic recovery. Your reserves paid off big time. I'm guessing you'll find a few stairs in Israel too.