Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Part Two

Mike Sousa, Fabio and me in Venice.
A great day trio Fabio took us on and of course it involved lots of walking > We drive to Venice from Vincenza then too the vaporatoo( sp) down the canals to the far end of venice. Then we walked back. Again, no problem even with lots of small staircases all over the place as well as the two plus hours of walking back from the end of Venice. The knee is holding up well
Then dinner at El Filo and T Rex Steaks!

Then onto business again and Fabios Stength Congress with 300 attendees. I led the KB section on Satuday after listening to the legendary Boris Sheiko lecture on his powerlifting methodology and compare and contrast the entire gamut of powerlifting methods and styles!


my talk on the Renaissance of Strength, Fabio translating

Saturday Fabio and I led the 300 (!) through basic KB training ending with a serious swing, plank, goblet squat workout.

What an amazing two weeks. I never ever thought I could handle this much work and walking, especially just nine weeks out of a TKR but it happened. And I can see now that it was just the beginning. Of many things.

We will be going back to Croatia and Italy next year for SFG 1 courses as well as some other projects Fabio and I cooked up. Israel SFG is coming up in 4 weeks and I can't wait for that, knowing so much more about how to pack and travel for events like this. Now that I can walk as much as I want to and am out of pain the game has totally changed. Its very very cool.

I did a lot of Original Strength work while I was there too, marching in place, crawling every day and it really got a lot done for very little time. Much more to explore here too ,especially for my knee flexion.

Got back to doing rocking this morning during my stretchout and it was much better than ever. Knees on two airex pads, and rocking with head nods with toes in dorsi and plantar flexion. The looser the quads and rectus are the better the knee bends.

Training today with Glenn

16 kg x 5/5 x 2 SO TIGHT overhead :)
20 kg x 5/5 x 8 sets
20 kg x 20 sec snatch hold
24 kg x 20 sec snatch hold

 wow this took forever to loosen up but at the end, of course, things felt much better. haven't done a 24 kg snatch hold in forever. Had to get back to real training asap as I missed so much kb work these past two weeks

Sled pulls
60 lbs x 200 feet x 2= 400
60 lbs x 200 feet x 3= 600

1000 feet. wanted to scale down distance but it was too easy so I upped the weight.still easy

Barbell curls
45 x 10
55 x 8
65 x 8
65 x 6

Tricep extension
3 x 12

at least got it done but the jet lag and trying to get back on my WD eating schedule made the workout pretty week. Just the start.



Diana said...

You've been blessed with a second chance..a life to live to the complete fullest without pain-how absolutely incredible! Great to "here" your gratitude through your words-so many take their lives/bodies for granted-you're not one of those!

BTW....those steaks look FANTASTIC!

Kettlebell Courage Corner said...

Fantastic posts Mark - thanks for sharing.