Friday, November 08, 2013

Active rest

Had a solid 1.5 hours off this am and put it to good use. I always love to do my training first in the morning, and except for Saturdays this rarely happens. Today was good.

100 ups
High strides ( 4 laps of 30 feet)
Rocking with head nods ( toes dorsi)
Rocking with head nods ( toes plantar flex) : alternate between the two for 10 rep sets 100 total
Crawling 3 laps of 30 feet alternated with close stances dynamic squats bodyweight
Overhead hang work all grips
Reverse overhead stick stretches

Stair work
3 steps up 3 down
4 up 4 down
5 up 5 down
6 up 6 down
7 up 7 down  4 rounds

realized I have to lean forward more on descending to get the knee flexion I want

then 10 up 10 down  2 rounds
rowing machine 5 minutes ( not enough knee flexion help so abandoned)

this was solid stuff. I really liked the stair routine and I could feel a serious quad pump after ,especially the vmo. perfect.

heavy swings tomorrow, can't wait. finally back on non jet lag time. whew!


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Kikolu said...

out of nowhere i will ask you a question:

whats your opinion on chest expanders as a stand alone tool for the upper body?