Tuesday, October 02, 2012

GS style high pulls

Much like I've had with the two hand Hardstyle swing, I've had a flirtation with the GS snatch technique for many years. And, just like the two hand swing it has not worked for me.Specifically for my back.

Since my body seems to  have gotten cozy with the two hand swing now I thought it might be time to give the GS style swing/snatch a try again. Especially since my old form in the one arm swing has abandoned me for awhile.

I have always had the greatest respect and admiration for GS athletes and would have competed in this sport had my body allowed it. With my shoulder and T spine issues good overhead lockout is an impossiblity( even though it is much improved it is far from normal) and jerks, either single or double bells just don't work at all. For my knees, my back or my shoulders.

To me GS has the same allure as marathon or ultra training or powerlifting. A pure amateur sport where the competitors have to toil anonymously for years suffering greatly in the their training and the life sacrifices they make to progress a bit. And all for the glory of the sport. Their is no money involved. Another reason I like it.

Plus it's so completely objective. just like powerlifting or racing. A 501 squat is NOT a 503 squat is NOT a 513. Powerlifters, and I'm sure Gireviks are very serious about their numbers and I understand.

But Hardstyle techniques, with their straight lines and hard angles work so much better for my body and my spine. it's just safer and more effective for me but I thought I would play with this again.

I spoke with Tom Corrigan RKC. who is also an accomplised GS athlete and coach and he gave me some techniques to play with in the low swing( what I would call a high pull) and this is the result. VERY INTERESTING.

We''ll see tomorrow but after a whole bunch of sets these techniques started to feel very natural to me.


Full stretchout and Primal Move training with Tracy.

part of the PM workout:

this is getting better every time out. Love this stuff

1 pm
High pull GS style
16 kg x 10/10 x 3
20 kg x 8/8 x 2
24 kg x 8/8
28 kg x 8/8 x 6
24 kg x 10/10 x 3

its much harder with my right arm, actually, as I am supposed to drive down through my left heel and my knee doesn't lock so the power is much lower than on my left side, where i can really use the right leg correctly.

But the  asymmetrical rocking motion, for the first time (I've tried this before:)) actually felt natural and solid this time. A testament to my recovery on all joints I should say.

Definitely going to play with this more.

Belt squat
32 kg  x12
40 kg x 12
48 kg x 12 x 3 sets

Floor KB extensions
16 kg x 12  x 4 sets

Bodyblade SS band laterals
2 sets each of 10/10

97 degrees today! Love it.:)) Better hot than cold.

we'll see how the back behaves tomorrow. New techniques, pretty good loads PLUS a LOT of Primal Move for me all in one day. Wish me luck :))



Brucedalai said...

Hi Mark,

great vid's and great post!
Not a lot of people are so open in there mind and training too!

I wish you luck ;-)
Take care.

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Bruce,

I'm never afraid to learn something new :))

Mark Reifkind said...
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