Thursday, February 02, 2012

Double overgrip deadlifts and 20 lb swipes.

Decided to go back to the double overgrip deadlift technique to see if I could get  a better "locked in" start position.But this time no "hook" grip either. Just a normal double overhand grip.
That will certainly limited the total weight I can use, which is fine. It also will require a much stronger grip activation which should really help me link up the entire kinetic chain in the movement. Also fine.Better than fine.
 Thank goodness that my lower back has relaxed and feels normal again. It was just the stress of the move, turned inward. I didn't think I was stressing about it but I guess my subconcious knew better.

Stress can do anything and I knew I just had to relax and let the tension unwind and things would be fine and they are.But it is always a bit of terror when my back starts to lock up and surrounding areas do too. Too many horrific memories. When laying down is as painful as standing or sitting you know you are in for some trouble. No respite from the pain. Not fun.

But today I felt good and we started in straight away with the deads as well ( glenn and I) pulled at No Ex and they have great platform with bumpers! the bar was thicker than regulation powerlifting so that made the grip stress even more.

Good. I want my grip to give out before my back these days, :))

Deadlift double over grip no hook
 95 x5
115 x 3
135 x 3
165 x2
195 x1
235 x 1 x 4 singles  current Pr

these felt great. The double overgrip really allowed me to wedge myself under the bar and the floor and really use my lats to pull the bar in as I pushed through the floor and drove my hips.

Really, it's been so long since I pulled for real I can't remember my last, best technique but it doesn't matter anyway as I have to figure out what works for me now, with this body.

Two CB swipes
2 10's x 10 x2
2 15's x 10 x 2
2 20's x 10 x 5 sets!

Nice. I haven't done these in a long time and they were strong. Just as I thought doing the deads with almost double the load of everything else I usually pick up is making all those light things feel REALLY light, :)) Strong is good. But being pain free and able to move normal is better.

thats all the time I had , more tomorrow am.

Sisu/ Never Quit

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shortnginger said...

Great work Mark keep it up

I know this is cheeky - but we have a lack of resources in the uk!

What's the best court of action with an oblique/side strain?

Are there any stretches/exercises I can do that won't make the issue worse?