Saturday, February 11, 2012

Snatches and Deads

This new schedule IS going to work.!Excellent. The snatches warm me up perfectly for the deads and activate the same group of  muscles making the pulls even easier. I was a little nervous before hand( as I always am and probably always will be) before deadlifts, never really knowing if I push too far without knowing it and pay the price.
Of course that can happen to me sleeping to so there really is no other option. If I never trained and all and "took it easy" I could still be tweaked by the simplest life activity. I choose to keep trying to get better and stronger and let my body and gut be the guide.

And the gut felt good today.
7-8 am
Full stretchout. back to basics. this is a must as is proper concentration and focus. It's hard to be relaxed ,lol , and one must concentrate.
Spent some SERIOUS time on my left arm forearm flexors last night with the pain ball ( lacrosse) and didn't realize there were SO many locked up triggers in there that went RIGHT to my shoulder. I haven't been putting my time in on the forearms and they harbor so many knots for me and get worked to death in my training and my job.

This helped tremendously but I still have more work to do; as well as not forget that this IS the key starting point when I get bicep impingement in the left shoulder.

I also tested out some new training shoes I got from Rogue Fitness that I sorely need to stand on the concrete floor at my new place of work.The  VFF worked great at Girya and our 1 " hard foam marital arts mats but hard rubber on concrete ain't that and I needed something with a bit of padding.

These are better than expected: a minimalist barefoot type running shoe which also works well for lifting as well. It has a minimal (3mm) heel lift and that is good for me right now as I'm trying to walk and move more from my toes (100 ups) than from my heel.

They felt great for swings, snatches AND deads today. Plus they fit perfectly and I don't want to take them off. Always a good sign.

one arm swing warmups as usual ;3 sets of 5/5/5/5 with 16

16 kg x5/5 x2
20 kg x 5/5

24 kg x 6/6 x7 sets
          x8/8 x 1 set
100 reps exactly

These felt great I can definitely see getting my 5 sets of 20 pretty quickly. that's plenty of snatch work for me these days.
The shoes really gripped the ground well and I felt even more stable.

Deads/double overgrip
135 x 3x2
165 x 2
195 x2
235x1 x 6 sets  pr

these felt solid,especially after I stopped trying to "do it right' and just deadifted . the double overgrip REALLY encourages me to crush grip the bar and this always makes one stronger. I also like how I can wedge myself between the bar and the floor with my lats  I feel SUPER locked in and connected to the bar. Nice.

It really is nice to be able to pull SOMETHING that resembles weight and not get hurt :)) It's light but heavy is relative. THAT I know for real, now.

Reverse grip Pushdowns Supersetted with Pbar Handstands
5 sets of 20
5 sets of 10 seconds

these went easily as well and didn't even have a spot for the last ones. bout time.

Super workout today and the right combination of exercises really helps too. bout time for that revelation as well :))

Sisu/ Never Quit


Boris Terzic said...

Sounds good. The Inov8's are good shoes, don't own any myself but I am thinking about getting some for the spring/summer running season.

Mark Reifkind said...

they are seriously "grippy" I could really lock the feet down well in them.Don't think I should train in them all the time though as it might weaken the foot but it is fun to have that strong "root".