Thursday, February 09, 2012

Two Club swipes, light snatches rack walks

I think this schedule is actually going to work and  take care of, FINALLY, after all these years, what to do with the wonky mid week training day.
Trying to balance intensity and recovery ability is always a tough task; actually THE tough task, the only one that really matters in regards to making progress. Too much loading and one goes backwards. Too little and one fails to proceed forward but so often you only know in retrospect how much was too much for that day, or not enough to stimulate progress.

In the end, developing that 'animal instinct' is the real key to treading that fine, and ever moving, line.

Long day, too. Bad sleep and 7 clients in a row. Pretty beat but I knew Glenn would be ready and he was.let the swipes begin!

Two CB Swipes
2 15's x 10
          x 12
          x 15
2 20s x 5
          x 10
          x 12
          x 15 PR! felt light, too
2 15s x 30!

nice to do these before deadlifting, instead of after. makes a big difference. Hell having a great training partner and being in my cave gym at the end of long work day makes the real difference.

16 kg x 10/10 x 3 sets

I forgot these, actually. Glen reminded me that we were supposed to do these first, but I think it was a happy accident as such light weights should finish the workout not start it and we  have to start saturday with 24 kg snatches. was perfectly easy and light. good form refreshment.

Rack walks
20 kg x 200 feet per arm x 2

these are always hard, lol

Triceps bands ext
1 x 50!
1 x 20


Sisu/Never Quit.

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