Sunday, February 26, 2012

The revised, revised schedule

With Glenn's help I switched some things up for the schedule. It looks like Saturday AND Tuesday will be the heaviest, toughest days,with Thursdays decidedly lighter. We have two off days between Sat and Tues and only one between Tues and Thurs so it makes sense.

At least on paper :))

Stones Gym is my Cave, my Courage Corner, my Fortress of Solitude. Going inward to see outward.

24 kg Snatches  100+ reps
Barbell Deads
Two CB swipes
DB laterals
Triceps / Pbar handstands

KB Mil Press
Swings ( one arm, two hand, H2H, two kb)
Two hand CB Casts/Swipes
DB Rear Delts
Floor handstands

16 kg snatches ( 100+ reps)
One Arm CB shield casts
Rack walks
P bar handstands
DB laterals


Boris Terzic said...

On paper many things make sense, I hope they make sense in execution too.

BTW I like this: "Stones Gym is my Cave, my Courage Corner, my Fortress of Solitude. Going inward to see outward."

Mark Reifkind said...


that's why the 'schedule' changes so much; the idea might sound good but the in reality just doesn't pan out. I used to try to force things if they made sense intellectually but no more.

I like that tag line too, because it is true.

Boris Terzic said...

I myself like routine and planned training. But sadly recently I've had very little of it. Makes it hard to focus on what's gotta get done.

Mark Reifkind said...


I find it impossible to train without a regular routine and SOME kind of structure to it. Mainly what days I am going to train on and at least the main exercise/purpose of the day. otherwise it just turns so random and very little progress is made.
sometimes one has no choice( life gets in the way) but I prefer the routine so I can measure progress and make correct changes to the structure.