Thursday, February 23, 2012

Light snatch, heavy clubs and rack walks

The adductor/sartorius has been weird and after watching my knee position on the video from Tuesday I have no doubt why it pulled. All the Thai squats I have been doing have been great for my ankle mobility and ROM but my left knee already  externally rotates TOO much and  I guess this all put me over the edge.I HAVE to get and keep my knee directly under my hip.

That, and going way past my knee's ability during this last weekend. I only have so many steps each day in that knee and when I go past that, and keep going , my body compensates in strange ways and this was one of them.

I have to really concentrate on internally rotating my femur and lining up the legs evenly. When I do the 100 ups this happens and when I walk as if marching, but I have to set up for swings ,cleans and snatches that way as well.
I did that today and it worked well. I'm just overjoyed that I could actually train today with no pain. My injuries of late seem to be signs that I am on the wrong path and need to re boot and re direct my thought and or movement patterns. I listen big time these days to the little things as I really don't want any big things anymore.

Done with that.

SO this morning really resetting my hinge pattern, the full stretch out, terminal knee extensions with purple band, calf raises through out the day and  my old hip opening squat instead of the thai squat. Of course lots of foam roller :))

 One arm swings
16 kg x 5/5/5 x 3  ( no pain!)

16 kg x 10/10 x 5 sets  easy breezy , no pain.

Two hand CB shield casts
15 lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x 10/10
35 lbs x5/5 x 3 sets

these were way hard but doable and necessary. Needed to handle something heavy to get the strength mode switched back on. I take a week off and all my grooves go to shit.

Rack waks
16 kg x 200 feet per hand x 4
          x 200 feet per each hand x 1
Think March on these, Life is so about walking, lifting things and carrying them.these are the most fundamental things we need to be strong in. Oh yea and putting carry ons overhead:))

Reverse grip band pushdowns
4 sets of 25 superset with 

P bar handstands. 4 sets of 10 seconds

its great to do these in here as my feet touch the ceiling so I can self spot :))

Db laterals
3 x 15 with 10 lbs

these are in. as well as db rear delts . I know they will help stabilize the shoulder plush I like the pump and want more size :))
 Shoulder stayed in the socket for the most part :))

Sisu/Never Quit

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