Thursday, April 07, 2011

Swipes and Snatches, Volume/ double split

I had a 6 am opening today and thought it might be 'fun' to do my swipe workout first thing, then do snatch vo2 when I got home today at 2pm. In the world of bodybuilding, and, strangely enough, Olympic Weightlifting, splitting up workouts to increase intensity as well as increase recovery is a well established method among the hardcore.

I know that ,especially because they are both high rep workouts, that whatever gets done first will have the most energy, and the most intensity as well. But even though swipes are MUCH easier on my body than snatches 6 am is about as early as I can even think of doing anything but stretching.

I also had to decide whether to just train first or to stretch first and then train. I only had 75 total minutes to get it all done and ready for work so I had to decide. I chose to train first and stretch after as I was feeling pretty 'spry' when I got to Girya and Tracy, of course, jumped right into her million rep swing workout with no warmup :))

That wasn't the right choice but no harm no foul, just the realization that I always need to stretchout before the first workout:))

6 am


two clubbell rockits/swings:

10's x 30 seconds x 3 sets
15's x 30 seconds x 2 sets
20's x 20 seconds x 2 sets

10's x 10 x 2
15's x 10 x2

20's x 10 x 5 sets
15's x 20 x 3 sets

OUCH! this was NOT easy at all. The warm ups went great but five sets of 10 with two 20's was seriously tough: on my grip! My forearms and wrist are tired and this challenged then well. the move felt strong and it was the most volume I have done with the 20's.
The 3 sets of 20 with the 15's were tough on the grip as well after about 10 reps.

One CB Shield cast

10 lbs x 100 reps continuous. Switching arms every 10 reps.

This was a bonus. Had some time and decided to do these light and just kept going. Very strong.

6:40 - 7 am

stretchout and TGU practice with 12 kg

left hammy was tight as a drum and needed some extra attention. actually practiced my tgu on BOTH side up to the high bridge position and couldn't believe how good the right side felt! I haven't had this much ROM in that shoulder in that movement EVER!

3-4 sets of 3 reps each in the half tgu.

It's a good thing stretching doesn't work ;}}

2 pm Snatch Vo2

16 kg
35 sets of 7
245 reps
8,820 lbs

this was so strong and easy. and fast, despite my tight forearms. Nice that it was cool out today so the sweat wasn't a factor. that won't last long but it was good today! really brought my stance in today and it felt better.Everything felt strong and fast. I want to work up to 50 sets and cycle from 35 to 50 sets every 4 weeks. When 50 sets of 7 are easy start in on 8's.


135 x 5 singles.

I can't believe it,lol. I've set up the deadlift bar in my garage now so it's always loaded to 135 and thought I would start pulling again a bit and see how it felt. Hey, first presses then two hand swings, and now pullups and tgu's? why not deadlifts too? Start easy and do just a few singles. If can work up to 5 singles or so with 300 everything else would start to feel very light indeed. Why not?

It felt very very odd indeed though, setting up against a deadlift bar. It's been a long long time.

Cold Shower : longer than a minute this time,lol. This sucks during but I feel SO good after, for quite awhile, strangely enough. I can feel the physical reaction in my skin as well as my core. Can't wait for the real heat, I will be cold water dowsing all over the place.

Datsit :))


Central Fitness said...

Hi Rif, Rif in vo2max protocol a60% correct ? So... why 15: 15 ratio ?

Mark Reifkind said...

central fitness

no. in max vo2 training ( ala Kenneth jay) you want the HR at 100% or above for each work set.ideally I will get my HR for each set above 180 bpm for the 15 seconds. check out
his post here

this is about 36:36 but the idea is the same. 15:15 is another protocol from the same training.

you should get the book too.