Tuesday, April 12, 2011

24 kg Long cycle clean and press, the ramp back up.

Definitely been sorer this week than I have in eons. Not sure the tgu's are going to be that helpful to my shoulder as they really made my pecs work and that's what I've been working on releasing all these years of rehab! We'll see but the volume definitely had an effect.

Tight pecs and lats do not help my shoulder ROM so it will be interesting to see whether my stretching and mobility protocols can overcome just a smidgeon of technique work on the move. After last weeks 32 kg training I pushed the re set button for a three week minicycle alternating the 32, then the 24 then the 28 kg before resetting again with the 24.

Today was the start and I was hoping the 24 was going to feel as light as it should. Luckily it did and it definitely helped to get my full one hour stretchout going early at just slightly before 6 am. I needed the extra time, that's for sure.

Especially when I had a bunch of new things to try out that I got of Kelly Starretts Youtube channel :))

6 am -7 am stretchout

usual stretches plus the pec minor release with tennis ball as well as 1st rib mobilization and shoulder tractioning and external rotation work with jump stretch bands. Also squat stretch on back against wall, coffee table hip rotator work. RKC level 2.o hip flexor stretch and lOTS of ankle mobility work as well as big toe extension work.

2-3 minute overhead shoulder stretch holds, 3 ways and the usual bretzells and their variations.

one arm swings 3 x5/5/5 16 kg
one arm cleans 2 x 5/5 16 kg

long cycle clean and press
16 kg x4/4
20 kg x3/3

24 kg x5/5 x 5 sets

The video clip above shows the last set and I was finally getting warmed up by then! My shoulders were way tight, lats too but they finally opened up a bit. the weight felt light and moved fast but things were creaky.

Two hard arm cast
25 lb clubbell x 10/10 x 4 sets

these felt great. thought about the 35 but wanted to stay light

one arm shield cast
10lbs x 10/10
15 lbs x 8/8

was ahead of schedule and threw it in. good balance for shoulder as it turned out.

two hand shield cast
20 lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x 10/10

It was the first time Tracy and I wore the same shirt to train in,lol. Too funny.

Tracy wanted to do more so we finished with these. SO cool to train with my woman on Tuesdays, just she and me.Her presses are getting so much better all the time,and her shoulder development is keeping up with her form and strength.Go figure.

Bodyblade laterals


man these are way harder than they should be. laterals delts are just tired, lol.great finisher.

Barbell Deadlifts(!)
135 x 1 x 10 sets

drove home and walked right to the bar and pulled 10 singles with about 10 seconds rest between them. double overgrip and it felt so weird and yet so familiar to pull again. Like riding a bike and I wanted to put more weight on the bar but definitely knew better.We will definitely have to wait and see about adding this in the mix.

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