Wednesday, February 06, 2019

20 kg speed swings 30 sets,111 lb standing press 10 x 3, 20 lb walking lunges,laterals

Today went great. took the passive warmup bath and am convinced this is helping me not overcontract the legs as I warmup in the first sets.

20 kg speed swings
30 sets of 8
240 reps
10,560 lbs
17:50 min  total time
RPE 7.5

good power and bell height

Standing press
11lbs ( kg weights) x 10 x 3

I thought about doing 3 paused singles and it really helped. Much more patient approach to the walkout, setup and set to launch position. No mental rushing and I can see how this will help. This is where I will build the static standing strength to be the "bench"  need to be to lockout 205 +

Cues again

1) take out weight on chest and arms
2) take time laying back, flex glutes then elbows up
3) static bar pulldown and pause
4) explosive launch shove straight up

It moved very very fast and best of all, every time. hips stayed forward and glutes stayed tight

Walking lunges
4 laps of 20 ft with 20 lbs

3 sets of 10/10 with 15s

BW 170.4
BF 12.9

Progress. Finally

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