Thursday, September 08, 2016

Slow ruck

Definitely took it slow and easy today as the legs were tired especially hamstrings. the longer stroke and more hip hinge technique loads them even more but the whole leg/hip area was just tired. as it should be

I time two laps but wasn't pushing at all. a nice stroll. Just about the pace I thought it was

45 lb ruck
6 laps
56 min
3rd lap 8:11
6th lap 8:04

nice and hot and it finally seemed not to bother me. maybe heat adaptation is finally kicking in? better late than never

Legs felt strong thick and solid. nice to feel like one piece again. it's been forever

BW 163.4
BF 12.1
W 57.1

ok day to stretch and roll tomorrow and gear up for saturday. fives will feel like a vacation!


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