Thursday, May 15, 2014

Well that didn't work

The swipes I mean. Teres major locked up big time and refused to unlock all day, til just about now, even after two full hours of bodywork and stretching.
Needed Tracy's magic elbow into the teres to get it to unlock. Yikes, for that much subluxation I could have snatched AND pressed :)

Working on that area under my armpit just now showed me just how much grody tissue is really in there and how litttle I really get in and dig it out. No choice  now, have too.
Re focusing on the legs for strength and endurance ( swings, squats, walks) and upper body has to be about mobility and good tissue quality.
Time to pay the piper.
Hey, I can walk without pain for as long as I want and squat almost like a real human, it's a fair trade.
Now at least I know for sure about clubbells for me.

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