Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Clubbell swipes and rockets

It's been quite awhile since I trained the clubbell swipes. It's a strong move for me, definitely easier than the kb snatch.I've done 300 continuous reps with the 10's and 106 with the 15's but I thought it was tightening up my teres major awhile back and decided to choose the kb snatch in it's place.

Now I'm choosing the swipe, for now, instead of the snatch. I have to let go of heavy overhead work for awhile, perhaps forever, and work on overhead mobility and flexibility. We'll see how it goes but my shoulders already feel tons better in the last week.
It was just time. Past time.

And we'll see if the swipes work, if they don't also irritate the shoulder. If so, they go too. But after today's workout ( of course we will really see tomorrow) I think it will work.

am work
100 ups
50 running in place
10 ups
10 running in place
10 ups 10 in place
TKE purple ban 80 continuous left leg only reps/

nice! these feel great and I'm very happy with this workload
Lower body stretchout
Wow figured that out by accident but I've never even come close before. I was using the jumpstretch band and realized I was almost touching my ankle. then I did!
Overhead shoulder stick work on the rack. More on this later it is really helping as much as the rings are.
Most of day spent standing or squatting

CB swipes
2 10s x 10
         x 12
         x 14
         x 16
         x 18
         x 20
2 15's as above with a 12- 20 rep ladder.
not bad but not easy. this is such a natural movement for me and I have very good leverage in it.

2 CB rockets
 I wasn't able to do this one very well with my old knee but it's no problem with the new appliance :)
2 10's x 15 reps
2 15s x 15 x 4 sets
2 20's x 10 x 3 sets
Blow torch on the quads! sweet, just what I was looking for

Left leg only step ups
4 sets of 10 onto 13 inch box

I need more specific left leg work to increase left size without increasing right . this felt very good but will see.

shoulder sled
85 lbs x 200 ft x 4 laps

these were good but very tough. almost 100 degrees today. Summer is starting and heat conditioning has begun in earnest.It's been awhile though, last summers have been pretty mild.

didn't sleep well last night very tired. tonight will be good :)


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