Monday, May 19, 2014

22 kg front squat, 32 kg goblet squat sled

Very solid day today. squats were strong and pretty deep. A pr 32 kg goblet squat as well and it was easy.

2 kb front squat
 2 16s x 5
2 20s x 5
2 22s x 5 x 8 sets

these were much better than last week. Test with and without the OL shoe and the flat foot was deeper. sold

goblet squat

22 kg x 2
24 kg x 2
28 kg x 2
32 kg x 2 pr!

the best this has ever felt!

Belt squat
40 kg x 10, 12, 14

wow that burns. bell hits floor too early but it's harder in it's own way. quads feeling strong again

Hip sled
5 sets of 250 ft
95 lbs

back up to full weight. very strong as well. in good shape now.

datsit. double swings on wednesday


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