Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ruckwalk Sunday pr weight

Just by 2.5 lbs but a pr is a pr. I know it's exactly 2.5 lbs because that's what the plate that I put in the pack weighed :)
Makes things easier to be precise.
You wouldn't think 2.5 lbs would make a difference but it does.
Legs and back were tired from yesterdays workout but mainly from sitting too much yesterday after training
Tracy is in Chicago doing a workshop so I watched movies all day and my back got too tight. I wasn't sitting on my stability ball either like normal, so I moved even less than I normally would and could feel it! Don't know how people sit in chairs for 10-12 hours a day every day. It would cripple me.
Started out slow and built to top speed at 9 laps as I did last week.

Total : 11 laps
two hours
32.5 lb pack

Tony Rosa, 55, of Crofton Crossfit did the GoRuck Challenge and earned his patch with a 12 hour serious gauntlet and a 40 lb pack!
That is one serious workload but Tony, retired Marine that he is rose to the occasion! Respect. It's going to be quite awhile before I could even think about that one but it's a great long term goal.

datsit. leg day tomorrow. Can't wait


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