Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday Ruck Two hours.

Another solid 2 hours exactly today. Not strong but not hard. It just started slow and it's weird now that my start time the sun has already risen. I'm used to starting out in semi darkness. I prefer that. Maybe I have to get up earlier. Ah, no. :)

Eleven laps plus an extra 5 minute lengthening of the walk home and that got me right to two hours.  The usual varying stance squats at the end of each lap. Hold were just about 30 seconds each as my legs were pretty tired,lol. Didn't want to push it.
Pack was same as  before, thirty pounds. Legs felt much better around lap seven and eight, and I couldn't believe it could really take me that long to loosen up but it seemed to.
Feet achy at the end though.
Did NOT stretch out at all this morning, as an experiment and I think that had something to do with it. Rolling and stretching definitely act as a passive warmup for me.I need to unglue those tissues and restore the sliding surfaces if I want to train my legs at this level and every increasing volume.
The self myofascial release is as important,or more, than ever.

datsit. kb front squats tomorrow. shoulder is holding fine, which is excellent



Morgan L. said...

Never Quit!

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