Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Taper; 28 kg two hand swings

The fact that I considered this workout to be a 'taper' workout before I go teach a 3 day course is a serious victory for me.In more than one way. It was not too long ago at all that I would skip my last workout before a cert and pray that I could get through the airport without my knee locking up on me, let along get through the whole weekend with minimal pain.

Now I pretty much have no fear of that. Not to say it will be "easy" nothing with this knee ever is; but I did the workout and it WAS easy and that is the other victory.

Fifteen sets of ten done "I go, you go" style with Glenn was basically a nothing load and that's amazing to me. That I considered doing twenty sets just to feel something is further proof. Glad I didn't though. I've got plenty of walking, standing, teaching and demonstrating to do these next four days and that will be my workout.

Actually that will be what my workouts are for: Life. To be better at life.

Two hand swings
16 kg x 10 x 2
20 kg x 10
24 kg x 10
28 kg x 10 x 15 sets
150 reps
9450 lbs

Snatch Holds
18 kg x 35 sec
20 kg x 35 sec
24 kg x 35 sec
18 kg x 60 sec

these were the best they possibly ever have been. A slight side shift to the hip I am holding the weight on made it much more aligned stable and strong and my arm is closer to head the ever. Spent a lot of time today greasing the groove with overhead stretches and I felt it.

Single bar pushups
10, 10, 8, 6

all paused . no clunking :))

datsit'. off to the first ever StrongFirst Certification! More Monday



jockeRKC said...

You are my Sisu person Mr Rif =)
Have and super weekend and say Hi to all from me.
Strong First all the way

Diana said...

Have a great weekend at StrongFirst!
Hope you see you both at one again in the future!

Joe Sarti said...

Perfect, workouts to be better at life!