Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Back to Max

Vo2 that is. Seems like my snatch groove is safe enough to tolerate this training before and this is definitely one of my favorite love to hate it sessions. It's just so basic; stand in the same place for 20-40 minutes and do as many explosive snatches with a light bell as you can in 15 seconds, rest 15 seconds and repeat. Bell speed is all important. If it slows down it's time to stop.

Since I can't run or ride anymore I do miss the met con work that that kind of training gives and nothing like Snatch Vo2 to give me the met con workout of my life!

I did 30 sets last week and thought 40 would be easy today; it was doable but certainly not easy and I was pretty spent by the end of my workday with just a handful of almonds until then. No worries, time to get in shape :)) Summer is coming and it's time to sweat!

Snatch Vo2 
16 kg
40 sets of 7
280 reps
10,080 lbs

I definitely needed to stretch out more this morning before this workout. Lots of demos with two hand swings definitely got me warm but I needed to balance some leg tension out.
Plus it's my yearly attempt to get off my one Alleve a day and we'll see how that works.

Rack Walks
16 kg  x200 feet per arm x 4 sets 800 feet

didn't read the schedule and we should have done these thursdays not today. No wonder I was slow and beat. Should have been swipes

Kb Arm bars
16 kg x 3/3 x 3 sets ( left shoulder does NOT like this Right arm fine so:)
left shoulder moved around WAY too much at the top of the arm bar. three strikes and it's out. the idea is to help stabilize it. not de stabilize it. The windmills felt fine. I can't do right side windmills yet so the arm bar OR the half getup will be a better choice

Left arm windmills
16 kg  x5  x2 sets ( this will be the left side move and arm bars for the right)

Floor Handstands

3 sets of 8-10 seconds. Getting to be a no brainer no spot no wall easy.



Diana said...

I know most people hate that "boring" stuff, but to me, that is my favorite. To stand there for set after set after set takes me to my happy place!
And "no", that happy place doesn't have padded walls! At least not yet! LOL

shortnginger said...

Nice work im with diana here love this sort of work - just started max again myself and cant get enough

any chance of a vt of the kbell arm bar - interested in technique??

cheers sng

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Diana, that is probably why you like running as well. straight forward( no pun intended) and fast to the point.

Mark Reifkind said...


I will put up an armbar video later today for you.

shortnginger said...