Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Snatch Vo2 back off day

Thought for sure I was getting the flu or the stomach flu yesterday. Barely ate anything and was just trying to survive for most of the day so I didn't even expect to be able to do this workout today much less advance it but it turned out fine.

Not eating much yesterday help flush out whatever the issue was and I felt better than normal, even, today! Very strange but hey, life is more than strange,almost always.
 Got in a protein shake and bar during the morning to try to catch up, calorically and these always digest most easily for me.

In fact it's time to add a morning protein shake back into the mix . But even though I felt good going into the workout I knew I would back off , volume and intensity wise.

Snatch Vo2
16 kg
40 sets of 7
280 reps
10,080 lbs

this was easy, but the right workload for today. Went in "I go, you go" fashion with Glenn

Goblet squats
16 kg x 5 x 4 reps
went a bit wider.  these are coming along.

One arm db french press
15 lbs  x10/10 x 3

band extension made my shoulder de stabilize so I chucked them for these. these are tough and really  got the long head.

1 CB shield casts
10/10 x  3 sets



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