Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Back to work, snatch day

The weekend at the first ever RKC Bodyweight seminar/ workshop is over and it far exceeded my own expectations. Things gelled SO well between Pavel , Max and I that dragondoor has already scheduled the next one for next Aug 3-5 at a bigger site and open to everyone, not just RKC's.

I peaked even better than I hoped for and ended up doing things that I seem to only be able to do at certs, lol. Dips, front lever drills, hollow rocker work,L sits on rings as well as all kinds of stability ball party tricks I haven't done in ages were all easy and pain free ( pike up to handstand on two stability balls). Nice.

I learned a ton from Max and Pavel and am even more interested in expanding my bodyweight training. I can't wait to learn Ginastica Naturale from Peter Lakatos, who also took the course and demonstrated to all what an amazing athlete, as well as instructor he is. I got to stretch and move and play and teach for three days straight with an amazing group of RKC athletes, all high level themselves but all getting into their beginners mind to learn something new.

Let's just say that Max Shank is a serious talent and get it out of the way. As an athlete on NUMEROUS fronts, but also as a VERY thoughtful trainer and student of the game with a serious passion for all things athletic and corrective. What an addition to the RKC Team.

But I was cooked this morning and new that the adrenaline shut down was in effect and I was feeling weak and flat and unmotivated.

Stretching out helped get me back into my body( 6-7 am ) but the first few sets of swings reminded me I hadn't trained with a kettlebell for a week. BUT it also pushed the re boot button and reset me back to base one.

I wanted to snatch the 20 kg but not with any interval constraints so snatch vo2 was out, sets and reps with rest were in.

It was an amazing weekend, with RKCs from all over the world in attendance, Hungary, Italy, Sweden and Germany were all ably represented.


16 kg x 5/5 x2
20 kg x 5/5
x 9/9
128 reps
5632 lbs

form felt good although it felt( and looks) like I really shortened my stroke to be more efficient as nothing felt strong. Will get back to my power form next week.

Rif Swings

I called them Power swings but Pavel likes Rif Swings so that be it. We have some pretty big plans for this movement soon and I have some testing to do so I will be playing with this movement more again.

( this was taken last July) This is a serious movement but today was only:

24 kg x 10 x 3 sets

this was hard enough.

CB Two hand swipe

20 lbs x 8/8
x 10/10

ouch. I be tired now.

Bodyblade Laterals

3 sets of 8/8


Datsits. Sisu


Juci RKC said...

The BW workshop must have been the most awesome stuff.
I wish I had been there. Maybe next time...

Mark Reifkind said...


you would have loved it. Can't wait to do one in Hungary :))

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