Thursday, October 27, 2011

CB swipes and lots more handstand work

On my way to a pike up to handstand stack at the workshop.
No problems from Tuesdays workout so back to norm for today. That means two cb swipes with the 15's trying to build both density and volume. Also wanted to see whether I could still do a lot of cool tricks I could do at the Bodyweight cert last weekend or was that just a fluke,lol.

Good news is that it was not a fluke and my handstands felt even stronger than ever today. This seems to have turned a corner with my ability to get back into old gymnastics positions not only getting easier but more familiar as well. My body has finally decided not to act as if I had never done these movements and positions before. I can't believe I did so many hollow rockers and pike position moves and my back held up perfectly :))

CB Swing ->Torch swings
2 10's x 10 and 5 x 2
2 15's x 5 and 5 x 2

2 10's x 20
2 15's x 15
x 17

I wanted to do another set of 25 and then do the 30 but didn't know if my grip would hold. These are getting far better than before and I am definitely finding my groove and it's easier all the time. I am striving to be as efficient as possible here as I am chasing high rep numbers, not max strength or weight.This is a pretty natural movement for me and I want to be able to break my old pr of 106 continuous reps.

I hate doing high reps in kbs but don't mind them here at all. it's a good break from, and compliment to, my kb work

When I can ladder up to a set of 50, 5 reps at a time, my foundation will be good for a high rep set.

Handstands against wall into free stand
5 sets here and the holds were very solid. 8-12 seconds easy.

Straddled, straight leg press to headstand
5 sets here!!

wow this was a gift from the cert. haven't done headstands for decades and last time I tried a few years ago they were awful . Nice, tried some pike attempts that weren't there yet but they will be. the straddles were solid.

I can also see where this will re teach me how to do a press from headstand to handstand with the optimal arm, head shoulder position.

Triceps extensions black band

supersetted with

Handstand pushups

triceps were 4 x 20.20 15 15
HS pushups were 4 x 4-5 about half way down!!!

Pumping up the triceps first with all the above work really helped a bunch here as I felt very solid and went down farther than ever and my shoulder stayed in ( for the most part :))
Lots of weight on the heel of my hands as I crunched the elbows in on descent.

I used the same one leg bent position Pavel taught me in Hungary.

I don't have to get on a plane again until next April which is AWESOME for my training momentum. I am already really psyched about next years bodyweight training workshop and can't wait to see what I will be able to do by then!

datsit. Sisu

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