Saturday, October 01, 2011

28 kg Long cycle cl/press and 28 kg one arm swings

It's so nice to sleep well but especially so before my heavy Saturday workouts. Also good before my 28 kg clean and press day. I actually looked back at my last 28 kg workout and saw that I did 6 sets of 2( which was a conservative load) so I knew triples were on the menu.

How many, I didn't know but I 6 sets of 3 sounded good, 6 more total reps than last time, but when done in triples much harder by way more than 6 reps worth. AS always I never really know what's going to happen til I place hands on bell.

That's part of the fun and now, at my place in my training journey a good place to be. I don't HAVE to make any numbers to make sure I get my REAL number at a comp because I don't do that anymore and it's fine.

Actually way more than fine. I don't need that stress anymore. Been there, done that, tore shit up. Now its' time to just build not break. Training not testing.

7-8 am stretchout.
Got caught up with printer issues at the studio and only had time for 40 real minutes and paid most attention to the legs. Right SI was a little weird after all those swipes and rockits ( thanks for jinxing me Ramon! :)) so I started there. Didn't get much overhead stretching or mobilizing done but left shoulder has been feeling normal of late so I wasn't worried.

Plus I FELT strong and my mind was right, the MOST important thing of all.

Clean and press
one arm swing warmup
16 lg x 5/5/5/5 x 3

16 kg c/p x 5/5
20 kg x5/5
24 kg x3/3
28 kg x 3/3 x 6 sets
36 total reps /18 per side

Nick kept bugging me to do 7 sets but I wasn't greedy and 6 was the TOP end of my plan so I stuck with it and finished strong. Like I COULD have done 7 and that was the point. Leave some in the tank for the next workout.

Left shoulder was 90 % perfect( no adjustments) and I was more confident on each set. Right side was VERY strong and easy.

One arm swings
28 kg x 8/8 x 8 sets
x 8/8/8/8 x 1 set
160 reps
these went really well too and I could have easily done sets of 10 but decided this workload was perfect for today. Nice to feel strong and untweaked! I decided to do both of the last sets back to back as much out of laziness than bravado. I knew I had one good effort in me but not sure about two.
It's always harder to put the bells down and pick them up again than to keep going. BUT it was a good rep count anyway.

Black Band Triceps extension
5 sets of 20 GOAL!!!

I've been doing these 3 x a week trying to get all five sets and got it done today, and it was strong too. Hey, when it's a good day it's a good day. I like having triceps again, too :))

Much thanks to Fabio Zonin RKC TL for the great Pure Power t shirt! See you soon man.

datsit. Sisu

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