Tuesday, October 11, 2011

24 kg snatch 140 rep workout

Today was the heavy day in my snatch microcycle progression. First SnatchVo2 with 16 kg, the snatch Vo2 with 20kg then a total volume day with the 24kg. Each workout should ride off the last one and make the next one that much easier.

Seems to be working, today's snatch workout with the 24, which I haven't trained for sets and reps in weeks was easy.

6-7 am full stretchout. Left bicep tendon still continues to slip in and out the groove so finally gave in and just kinesiotaped the pec pec tie in and the brachialis and bicep insertion and voila' it felt stable almost instantly. I don't know why I just didn't do this earlier.it almost always works :))

Stretchout mobs went very well and spent a ton of time on teres major with the pain ball as well as mobilizing first ribs. the rest was on lower body and splits. Doing all my split work on fingertips.

This ONE tip alone has really made the forearm flexors release a lot. the perfect balancer to all my grip work.

8:30 Snatch

one arm swing warmup
16 kg x5/5/5/5 x 3

16 kg x 5/5
x 6/6
x9/9 ( slight palm tear on this one)
x 10/10 ( video above)
x5/5/ x 5
140 total reps
7560 lbs

The set looked easier and faster than it felt but it was nice to see I can throw the 24 around like I do the 16 . I wanted somewhere between 120 and 150 reps, this was perfect. So cool to train with Tracy at my side as she crushed the 16 kg for volume as well :)) And of course this was after 2 hours of training classes before hand,

Capt America CB Arm casts
20 x10
25 x 10
35 x 8

these were strong but still very hard! SO much grip work it's amazing. Very interesting as the clubs in this move wouldn't seem to have such a high grip requirement but it does.

CB Shield Casts, two hand
20 lbs x10/10
25 x10/10 x 2

easy breezy.

Bodyblade laterals

3 x 10/10

did these VERY deliberately, making sure to take each rep ALL the way to the top and bottom without losing ANY tension at any part of the rep .Man they are tough. but it's such a good shoulder stabilizer.

Datsit. Sisu


Tracy Reifkind said...

you made it look easy! I had to "man" up....

Mark Reifkind said...

thank you my love, I never know how things are going to feel til I get bell in hand but having you there always makes me stronger.:))

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