Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Snatch Vo2/ 45 sets

Got lots of sleep, good food and had an easy morning start so I knew this workout would be tough- and it was, lol. While almost back to US normal in terms of my daily routines the adrenaline pour off that occurred during my trip will take more than a few days to return my energy systems to full normal so I was a bit less than excited today about doing 45 sets of max.

And by set twelve I was wondering what I had gotten myself into. I had no excuses,my body didn't hurt, I had had a great stretchout earlier but my motivation to suffer wasn't very high so it was a slog.

Of course I manned up and got it done but it tweren't no fun, ;not at all and if Tracy hadn't been there cranking through her third workout of the morning I would have slacked off big time. But she was so I didn't.

Form felt good, speed was solid and I started out doing sevens at a nine rep pace, holding the overhead position for a 2-3 seconds at the end. Did this for 30 sets then moved onto eight rep sets and still having time to hold the overhead for a second before the damn gym boss went off :))

heart rate was 180 plus the last 15 sets and took a bit to come down afterward. Back off week next week.
6 am:

stretchout full routine with lots of snatch grip overhead lunge stretches on floor and with leg on boxes of various heights

Snatch vo2
16 kg
30 sets of 7 ( 210)
15 sets of 8(120)
total reps 330
total weight 11,880

right now the plan is to continue doing 7 reps for 30 sets and work the top number of sets, done in 8s, up to 60 sets , a solid 30 minutes of snatching. Once I get to 60 sets I will backtrack decreasing the number of 7 rep sets and increasing the 8s

Two hand clubbell arm casts
20lbs x 10/10
25 lbs x 10/10 x 3

no 35 lber for me today :))

One arm shield casts
15 lb cb x 5/5

these were good and the elbow,which has bothered me before with these at this weight was solid.

Bodyblade laterals
3 x10/10

very tough as usual. each set of 10 takes 40 seconds so it's three 80 second sets! no wonder they're hard.

taking in lots of proteins and fats and in positive caloric balance so weight is good and feeling anabolic again. nice.

Datsit. Sisu


Fatguy said...

Very cool of you to post with such honesty. It's nice to know that even powerhouses like yourself have to overcome that little voice telling you "aaaaaaah, g'head and be lazy today". Much appreciated!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks man, I try to just report the reality of my day to day training. the ups and the downs. lord knows there's been enough years of downs :))

and thanks for the kind words it is appreciated. I don't feel like a powerhouse, just a guy that won't quit trying to be as strong and healthy as he can be.

Rawlinson said...

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