Saturday, August 06, 2011

Handstands in Hungary

The first two days in hungary have been non stop so little time to do anything but travel teach and sleep but got this in at the end of yesterday. Pavel wanted me to look at his handstand pushup technique that he had been playing with and I decided to give it a try and amazed myself that I could do handstand pushups again as well! crazy!

I haven't been able to do these in eons and they were very very easy at the end of two very long days of teaching and demonstrating as well as being a sweat ball all day as well ( Hungary is very humid ).

For some reason I can do things at certs (especially here) that I can't do at home. this was a nice surprise.


guy said...

Congratulations on the handstand pushup, Bossman! You keep chargin on like Genghis Khan! You recovery is truly spectacular.
The Riff takes a knockin' and keeps right on rockin! I'm driving a truck in North Texas, believe you me, I empathize about the humidity. Stay safe and sound! Godbless!

Mark Reifkind said...

thanks Guy, it's very cool to have old skills re emerge. the humidity is wicked. I was sweating all day, not easy to stay hydrated.