Sunday, November 29, 2009

Snatch Vo2, getting close.

The momentum continues to grow and I hit my goal numbers yesterday in Tracy's Max class, although I did have to suffer the indignity of watching both her and Meg continue on to 70 plus sets with the same 16 kg I was using. But slow steady progress is my mantra, and I did what I set out to do so I have to be satisfied.

Snatch Vo2 8 am
15:15 protocol
16 kg bell

20 sets of 7
31 sets of 8
388 reps
13,968 lbs

Things started out great but I had trouble finding 'todays groove'. I always start out the groove with the one that worked best the last workout but, as they say in yoga, "do the best with the body that shows up today". Many times 'today's body' is not last workouts body,nor is the groove.Things were working great on my left side, but my right side QL area was not liking the position in the bottom of the snatch and it took my awhile to figure out how to fix it without stopping.
I opted for a more upright position, using quads more, than my traditional more GS stiff legged style and the back tension abated. I did have to miss a 15 sec interval though to stretch it out but I punished myself by doing one more set than planned.
If I hate anything about max vo2 work it's that once it starts there is no time to adjust anything
without messing up the workout and that bugs my ocd self to no end. most of the time that means I can't even switchout bells when my sweat monster shows up and I start dripping on the bell. Hard enough to accelerate when the hands are dry. wet bells and fast reps are not a good combo.Today I needed a few seconds to open up my back and it killed me to stop but I made up for it.
I thought my cardio would be a limiter but not today. I could have done more sets, a good sign.
Tracy did 42 sets of 8s and 70 total sets, all with the 16 kg!!! Crazy strong. Crazy good. I know EXACTLY how hard that is.
I wonder how many other women can do this workout? I wonder if there are any other women AT ALL doing Max vo2 training on a regular OR irregular basis? Just sayin'.
And if not, why not?
But I am getting there and can finally see 50 sets of 8 again as well as 80 total sets. Slow and steady.

Clubbells Swipes
(2) 10 lb x 15
15 lb x15
20 lb x 10 x 3 sets
15 x 30 reps

Nice! three sets of 10 was much easier than the pyramid up to tens last week. and the 30 rep downset was solid as well. although the grip was cooked at the end,lol.

12 noon Bikrams

wasnt planning on going today but when Tracy got back from teaching I thought,'what the hell?" why not, I feel good. SO I went and suffered through a beginner teachers droing and slowmotion class. I had NO expectations for a good class and that helped. He didnt dissapoint but I got what I wanted out of it, more conditioning and a solid stretch out. Oh yeah, and I didnt hurt myself,lol.
Tracy and I are already planning on getting back to double Bikrams very soon on sundays.
Another class this morning( I'm writing this sunday).I'm on a good roll.



Brett said...

I have got to 80 sets with the 16kg once, but now am still working with the 16 kg and 7s. The 8s kill me and get me anaerobic immediately! How do you split sets up with both 7s and 8s, just by feel? Thanks for blogging again!

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks for commenting and the kind words. I typically work with 7's til I get the total goal number I have in mind( 50 or 80 eg) then start adding sets of 8 in from the back end.
if I've done 80 sets of 7 then I might drop back to 60 total sets but start adding in 8's for the last 5- 10 sets, doing more 8's each week and eventually less 'warmup' sets of 7 until I can do ALL sets of 8.
Remember the point IS to be anaerobic,lol! Hey you get 15 seconds of rest!

Brett said...

Mark, thanks so much! I think the aerobic tri guy in me has taken over. :) I'm back to about 50 sets again, so I'm going to start adding in 8s after that. I can already feel the burn for some reason. :)

Rob O'Brien said...


Keep it up. You will get 80x8!

I think the fact that I moved away from doing alot of MVo2 to do 6 weeks of return of the kettlebell AND my clubbell training helped me. I got 100 sets of 8 today and felt like I could have gone for another 20...(except my hands which are toast right now). It sucked big time but you know what they say.."pain is temporary; pride is forever"!

Stay on track and keep up the good work. Everything you and Tracy do motivates me.

PS - My wife does MVo2 about once a week. It helped her huge for the April RKC.


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