Thursday, November 26, 2009

50 K snatches in sight.

me awhile ago. I am close again
I was suprised, as I usually am when workouts go well, at how strong I felt today snatching.I've known for awhile that in order to get my workout total up to where it needs to be( 200 reps minimum per session) but I havent felt like I could handle anymore than sets of 5/5 with the 24 kg and keep the power and acceleration of each rep where I want it to be, as well as not tear up my hands .20 sets of 10 is not fun so I decided to bump the reps up to 7/7 and see how many total sets I could get.
Amazingly everything felt great although it still takes me forever to warmup my heart and lungs. Nothing different than 20 years ago when I was bike racing but with only an hour to get the whole workout in I was behind the eight ball. ANd going 'I go, you go' style with Tracy there I really didnt have time to whine about wanting more rest time.SO nice when you get out of the conditioning dolrums and your consistency and intensity start to pay off . Gliding into strength and fitness flow instead of survival mode is so much nicer than hanging on with will and heart.It's nice to lift heavy weights or do high intensity workouts and feel like they are easy. You know they are not cause just a few weeks ago a lot less kicked your butt but the contrast feels great.
Being able to up the reps told me my form and groove are coming along as well. Nice. I know I need to get to sets of 10 on each side so I can do my alltime goal of 200 in ten minutes in SSST someday.I like to always be training for something even if it's years off. It helps keep me motivated and focused. I'm just so spoiled now only doing sets of 7-8 in the max training. I HATE hi reps.
SO why do I have a ten minute set as my alltime kb goal? lol,well it seemed like the right thing at the time. perhaps because it's one of the few hi intensity things I can see myself doing and not wrecking my restoration of my body.But it's got to be done slowly and correctly.ANd lets not forget it IS my weak point.Give me a one rep max anyday.
ANd now, at almost 44,000 snatches in the calculator I can actually SEE getting my 50k done. Then I do need to tackle the SSST. Still have lots more to do to build the base back but I can see it too.
I also do need to add in some days when I take my one arm rep count up to the max again. We used to do this on max effort days back in my wsb days. instead of a bunch of progressive singles up until we missed on a lift, we would do 1-3 very high rep sets until failure in an exercise. max effort is max effort.
I'm still very proud of one of my best hi rep efforts; 33 close grip pushups to a power bar in the bottom of a power rack with a 100 lb plate on my back .Once my conditioning gets back up a little more I'll start adding that in every 3-5th week.I want to be able to do 30/30 with the 24 kg no problem. pass my old snatch test,lol.


24kgx7/7x10 sets
140 reps
7420 lbs

Free style after kicking up against a wall.
8 sets of 15 seconds each

Wow, this was the first time in eons I felt like myself upside down again! My hand and finger strength is starting to back, as well as the proprioception. I was able to shift around in the HS without feeling I was going to fall out at any time.Torso is squaring up as well and throacic mobility is coming back. tucking the hips really helps create the hollow position in the chest as well. This helps shoulder ROM> GO figure.Arched back, arched chest.Or the reverse.
Handstand pushups are soon.

Clubbell Arm casts
10 lb x5/5
20lbx5/5x3 sets

these rock adn the 20's worked my triceps hard. really love this move. so good for arm size too :))
and, oh yeah, training at the new Girya is AWESOME. I love it there for my training now. SO much more hardcore.The HKC is just a week away and I am PSYCHED for it!


guy said...

Way to go Sir! By the way will you be posting any pictures of the "New Girya Strength"? Have a great Thanksgiving Bossman!

Mark Reifkind said...


thanks and yes! as soon as all the renovations are complete we willpost vids and pics. right now for a preview check out my main man Jordan Vezinas blog for some video of him bending a 60 penny nail and the new back wall of girya.

Diana said...

I hit 200 snatches with the 16kg earlier this week and was ecstatic to say the very least. What an awesome feeling to see improvements I never would have guessed to have happened!
Congrats on the HKC next week and look forward to some pics.

Boris T. said...

Nice work! You're almost there with the 50,000 snatches.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I don't know what you're worried about you killed thaose 7/7, no problem. I think "you" are the only thing standing in your way.

Move the "F" over and let the man snatch heavy, for God's sake, lol!

Love you sweets

Mark Reifkind said...

as usual you are correct. things are going in the right direction love, the man will be snatching heavy soon.