Saturday, August 08, 2009

Some snatch volume

Missed Bikrams yesterday due to some very bad personal news but knew I had to get my snatch workout in today. I've been using the 24 kg exclusively on saturdays for varying rep totals starting all the back at 100 total reps to 170 two weeks ago. The goal is to get to 200 plus with the 24 on a regular basis again. SO I decided I needed to do 200 reps even if I needed to go down to the 20 kg to do so.
The 20 is really the perfect snatch weight for me these days although I rarely use it. Tuesdays snatch vo2 workout is so light that I feel guilty just using the 24 on Saturdays but today it was a necessity. Plus I needed to break out of my habit of just doing multiple sets of only 5 reps. So today it was sets of 8's and then sets of 10.
Nothing amazing but very smooth, fast and easy.

16 kgx8/8 x2
20 kg x 8/8x 5 sets
x10/10 x 4 sets
x 10/10/5/5 x 1 set

200 total reps
8800 lbs

Need to start upping the total volume again so I can even think of doing a ten minute test in the next few months.

One Clubbell arm casts
10 lbs x 15/15
x 20/20

Shield casts 10 lbs
20/20 x 3 sets

Been using the 25 lbers with two handed work mainly and want to get back to arm casts and shield casts with single arms. The swipes tweaked my right elbow a bit on tuesday so I thought I would take it easy today and just work the groove. elbow is fine now.

yoga tomorrow and or monday


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