Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cardio Bikram

Tracy, with the right attitude, making it look way too easy.

I never fail to 'get' just how really tough Bikrams 26 postures and two breathing exercises actually are until I get away from it for awhile. I havent' practiced since last Monday for various reasons and knew I needed to get back in and sweat and try to breathe for 90 very ,very hot and hard minutes.

On one level I am well rested and feel good about being able to push myself throughout the session; to 'catch up' at least to my previous level of conditioning and then you feel the heat.I mean it's freaking HOT from the get and I sweat like serious pig. Hell, I'm sweating in the waiting area in the studio! SO right away I am seriously reminded how tough this is going to be just to GET THROUGH IT! Never mind push it.

Then you realize that it's about the breath, and just like a ten mile run or 30 mile bike ride in the hills you better start breathing early and stay focused on it or you just will not go the distance.So you have to focus first on breathing, 6 counts in, 6 counts out. Through your nose, only. Man that's a serious feat in itself.But if your breath isnt right you won't be able to make it,no way. Breath comes first. Just like life.Good training for that; when in doubt, breathe deeper.

And then you realize it's about strength as much as it is being able to breathe, as much as it is being able to balance , as much as it about being able to concentrate and focus, as much as it is about being able to 'let go' while you are trying to do all of the above.

ANd look like it's easy and you are calm at the same time.

Lol, great fun.

Bikram calls it a 90 minute meditation and it surely can be. IF you can get through the other stuff strongly. Otherwise it's just hanging on for dear life, even made more difficult if you do try to meditate. Hell, you're supposed to look dead in your own eyes the whole time. Let me tell, that ain't even close to easy.

And practicing more often doesnt necessarily make it that much better as I get very serious muscle work from holding these poses from 10-60 seconds "beyond your felxibility" as the dialogue goes. At that point the posture is muscle work, not flexibility but hey, that's the program and I am working towards it.

Bottom line I got it done and tomorrow is another practice day, better stretch out, lol.

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