Saturday, August 22, 2009

Heavy day.

Had to miss heavy snatch day last week and I could feel it this week.But with the cert coming up next Saturday I needed to get some solid work done today.Training in the morning is both a blessing and a curse as i normally don't get to train until my workday is done and I'm pretty tuckered out.
Training with Nick first thing Saturdays has been a consistent ritual for many years going back to my powerlifting days, when Saturday was heavy squat day. You NEVER missed squat days unless somebody died or you were bleeding badly and enroute to the ER.Not if you wanted to stay my training partner.Squat day was always the litmus test of how much someone really wanted to powerlift and I feel the same about the snatch day now.
I want to bring that same attitude to my heavy day even though it's not heavy at all,anymore. But it's the biggest weight challenge I have these days and I am still nowhere near my old routine of 200 plus snatches with the 24kg each week and I want that back.
So you start where you start and build it from there, waving the loads up and down and slowly but surely inching towards your goal. 200 reps in one workout will be plenty heavy enough of a load to qualify for this old guy.Can't do it now.
I had visions of 170 plus snatches today but all the plane travel from last week said no. OK, there always another workout day and I don't want to tweak anything this close to the cert.I have to guard my health and my joints right now, that's the priority, not 30 more reps.

16 kgx 5/5 x2
20kgx 5/5 x2

24 kg x 5/5x13 sets
130 reps
6890 lbs.

this was done at a pretty quick pace as it was just Nick and I. Our other training partner Jonathan has moved so it's just us from now on.We didnt plan on going so fast but it just happened, a good sign, actually.
I cannot beleive how TIGHT my lats got from just those three reps I did in the bottoms up press on wednesday! I had to be really careful with the snatch even, as I threw the reps back for some eccentric overload and felt the lats lock up a bit.I controlled it after that but MAN, havent felt that in a long time.It's easy to see how much the lats connect right to the hip and the spine when they get really tight that fast.Also was a bit dehydrated and that never helps.

One arm clubbell arm casts
15lbs x 10/10/10/10 x 2 sets

One arm barbarian press
15lb x5/5/x3 sets

One arm arm cast
25 lb x 5/5 !!
man this was the easiest I have ever done this. That thing is HEAVY with one arm,lol.

Ok,now the weekend begins. Yoga tomorrow.


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